Registration process for BCDE2011

All participants and students must sign up at this Conference Registration Doodle (, indicating the following:

- Name, affiliation (as printed on conference badge) and e-mail
- Category (participant or student)
- Conference dinner participation (the dinner is free for presenters, others should add Bs. 50)
- Cocktail party participation

Presenters will receive a separate registration link by e-mail.

Conference fees:

Due to the contributions of our generous sponsors, we can maintain a low participation fee for the conference. The fee will give you the right to conference attendance, conference materials, lunches, coffee break refreshments, and participation at the Conference Cocktail Party.

For planning purposes, we value early registrations, so participants who make their inscriptions and payments before 1/11/2011 should pay the following:

- Presenters and participants: Bs. 1
- Students: Bs.
- Conference dinner: Free for presenters, Bs. 50 for everybody else.

For registrations after 1/11/11, we will charge an additional Bs. 30.

Note: Members of SEBOL are exempted from all payments, as conference participation is included in their annual SEBOL fee.

Participants and presenters will have access to the Conference Lunch Venue, while students will be given lunch vouchers, allowing them to enjoy their lunch in the beautiful gardens of UCB.

After signing up at the Conference Registration Doodle, please pay your participation fee at one the following two inscription sites:

- INESAD, Av. Ormachea #6115 (entre calle 15 y 16 de Obrajes).
- IISEC, Av. 14 de Septiembre, Calle 2, Obrajes

For additional payment options, please contact conference coordinators

Alejandra Portocarrero

Patricia Fernandez

Please notice that we have a physical limit of 210 participants, so we will close inscriptions once we reach this number !!!

Information about previous years' BCDE conferences:


Conference sponsors: