6th Bolivian Conference on Development Economics (BCDE2014)

 6th Bolivian Conference on Development Economics (BCDE2014)

Cochabamba, 28 - 29 August 2014


The Institute for Advanced Development Studies (INESAD), Universidad Privada Boliviana (UPB), the Society of Bolivian Economists (SEBOL), and the Bolivian Academy of Economic Sciences (ABCE) are jointly organizing the 6th Bolivian Conference on Development Economics.

The organizing committee consists of:

- Lykke Andersen (INESAD, SEBOL, ABCE, UPB)
- Oscar Molina (UPB, ABCE, SEBOL)
- Boris Branisa (INESAD, SEBOL)
- Antonio Saravia (SEBOL, Mercer University)
- Enrique Garcia Ayaviri (ABCE)
- Pablo Selaya (SEBOL, University of Copenhagen)
- Luis Castro (SEBOL, UPB)
- Ricardo Nogales (UPB)
- Gustavo Zarate (UPB)
- Natalia Zegarra (INESAD).

Conference organizers can be reached at the conference e-mail account: bcde2014@inesad.edu.bo.


The organizers are profoundly thankful for the generosity of the following institutions, which made this conference possible:

Sponsors BCDE2014

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