INESAD and the First National Dialogue on Green and Inclusive Growth in Bolivia

Dr. Luis Carlos Jemio, Senior Researcher of INESAD, participated in the First National Dialogue on Green and Inclusive Growth in Bolivia, hosted by the Center of Investigation, Empowerment, and Technical Assistance – Latin America (CICATAL).

Dr. Jemio’s presentation dealt with the creation of a Prospective Agenda for Balanced Growth in Bolivia, which investigates the different scenarios that Bolivia could face in the future, taking into account outlooks in the areas of demography, economy, society, environment, and technology. The Prospective Agenda seeks to find the bottlenecks that can hinder the sectorial and global goals for future development in the country, and for this it is necessary to anticipate the necessary policies and strategies to resolve potential issues. The concept of Balanced Growth is connected to the necessity of the country to develop in all areas in a balanced manner, so that there does not exist lags in certain fundamental areas that would affect the overall development of the country. 


For more information, follow this link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=emElwpFV7KQ.

Additionally, you can access the interviews from the event through this link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HV6gFP_IPzo&feature=youtu.be

The Embassy of Denmark and INESAD signs and agreement of support

The Embassy of Denmark in Bolivia and INESAD have signed an Agreement of Support for the next 3 years so that INESAD can expand its research, communication, and presence in public policy. This Agreement is part of the Embassy of Denmark’s official promise of support to the Government of Bolivia, especially in areas related to the environment and labor market.

Additionally, this agreement confirms the Embassy of Denmark as the most important sponsor of the 6th Bolivian Conference on Develpment Economics, which will take place in the City of Cochabamba this upcoming August. 

INESAD and Regional Development

INESAD and the Graduate School at the Technical University of Oruro (UTO) organized the Sixth Economic Symposium: Regional Development, which took place in the city of Oruro on June 13th. Osvaldo Nina, senior researcher of INESAD, and Rolando Morales, director of CIESS-Econometrics, were the keynote speakers. Gustavo Aranibar, a doctoral candidate in regional development planning at UTO, served as the discussant.

This event included more than 200 participants, including members of academia, students, and professionals. The principal findings were: 1) regional development policies should strive for cohesion and balance with the terrain; 2) the evidence for promoting an integrated national development program should come from the regions and be appraised by their universities and academic centers; and 3) development institutions should encourage the interchange of successful experiences between regions (departments and/or municipalities).  

INESAD appreciates the collaboration with the Economic, Financial, and Administrative Faculty and Staff of the Graduate School of UTO for helping to organize this Symposium. 


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