Winners of INESAD's 2017 Dream Team Dart Tournament.

2017 Dream Team Dart Tournament

This year’s Dream Team Dart Tournament was held on the 7th of September. Below is the official photo of the winners. Gold went to Helene, Guccio and Cesar (Cesar came late and replaced Helene, who left early. She did most of the gold winning, though, so Cesar ought to give …

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Group photo at INESAD's 11th Anniversary Party.

INESAD Anniversary celebrations, July 2017

We celebrated INESAD’s 11th Anniversary on Friday the 14th of July, coinciding with La Paz’s and France’s celebrations as well, so it was a festive day. Here is a group photo of almost all the participants (Martin Vargas, one of the founders of INESAD on a rare visit from Brazil, …

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Farewell party at Shamrock Irish Pub in La Paz.

Out of Bolivia, into Africa, April 2017

It is with a mix of excitement and sadness that we are sending one of INESAD’s founders, Dr. Luis Carlos Jemio, off to Ethiopia. For the next few years, he will be based in Addis Ababa, helping out at Ethiopia’s version of UDAPE. He will be sorely missed in Bolivia, …

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Group photo at INESAD, Friday the 24th of February, 2017.

Carnaval at INESAD, February 2017

This year, the carnaval festivities at INESAD started with Compadres on the 16th of February. The women at INESAD had organized a Flower Power event in honor of the men at INESAD. Here is the whole group, which is severely reduced compared to last year, both due to the end …

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Most of the authors involved in the book "El ABC del desarrollo en Bolivia"

Book launch and 10 year anniversary cocktail party, December 2016

To celebrate INESAD’s 10 year anniversary, we held a cocktail party at Circulo de la Unión on the 1st of December, and presented our new book “El ABC del desarrollo en Bolivia” to the public. The book is a huge collaborative effort involving more than 30 authors and 20 fotographers. …

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Lykke, Kamila, Camilo, Alejandro and Marcelo at the beginning of the hike to Palca.

Annual Palca Hike, October 2016

Possibly due to unfortunate timing (the day after Oktoberfest at Colegio Aleman) or due to the threat of rain, only a small group of brave people showed up for this year’s Palca Hike. Here is the group at the start of the hike (excluding Raphaela, who took the picture):

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Johnny, Gabriela, Jose and Alejandro after completing the Office Escape Room.

Office Escape Room for Lykke’s Birthday, October 2016

Lykke used her Birthday as an excuse to use her colleagues to test the virtually unknown Escape Room concept in Bolivia. Using only materials at hand, and without putting even one nail in the walls, she managed to create a pretty neat temporary escape room called “Office Escape.” It was first …

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Beer tasting party at INESAD, June 2016

INESAD’s Beer & Book Club needs more practice, June 2016

INESAD’s Beer and Book Club organized a beer tasting event on the 17th of June 2016. The challenge was to correctly identify as many as possible of 15 different beers from Bolivia, Mexico, Honduras, Germany, Denmark, the Netherlands and Belgium.

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