Modeling as a Tool for Planning


By Roberto Telleria What are the determinants of wellbeing, and how can they be influenced by policies? As pointed out by experts such as John Helliwell, Co-Director of the Canadian Institute for Advanced Research (CIFAR) (Helliwell, 2002), Professor Richard Easterlin of the University of Southern California (Easterlin, 2001) and Christian …

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5 Games and Apps to Change the World


By Ioulia Fenton* Whether it is family Trivia Pursuit at Christmas, Words with Friends on the android phone, or Second Life on a P.C., everyone likes to play games. They are challenging, fun, and constitute a healthy source of friendly competition. However, as Jane McGonigal, an American game designer, argued …

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Meet the SimPachamama team

Participants at the SimPachamama workshop near Rurrenabaque, Bolivia, April 2012. Includes Teresa de la Fuente, Charles Palmer, Esther Lopez, Joaquin Mayorga, Pablo Ruiz, Diana Weinhold, Ben Groom, Lykke Andersen, Juan Carlos Ledezma.

All this month, INESAD has published posts related to climate change, gaming, and deforestation to support the launch of the didactic game SimPachamama where the player becomes the mayor of an Amazonian town and has to balance policy priority to reduce deforestation while increasing community wellbeing. Today, we’d like you …

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