Conferencia Anual PEP 2014


PEP Conference -2014

The Annual Meeting of the Alliance for Economic Policy PEP in Santa Cruz de la Sierra city, has been since 30 April to 7 May 2014. The overall theme of the conference was: Inclusive growth and Employment in Developing Countries. INESAD Foundation was invited to organize the event.

The  first days were spent in offering training courses on impact assessment issues, general equilibrium models and data collection. Also, in a series of parallel sessions, participants were invited to review and discuss the results and the implications of their research. So many research was framed within the program “Analysis of Policies for Growth and Employment” (PAGE). PEP organized this meeting and these sessions in particular to encourage new ideas and identify young researchers from developing countries, whose perspectives and experiences can be promoted through the PEP grant programs and mentoring they offer.


On 7 May began the conference “Promoting entrepreneurship for inclusive growth and poverty reduction”. This event was part of the series of panels involving distinguished participants (international experts, professionals in the field, donors and political actors, all with the widest experience) who discussed key and questions issues, in defining a research agenda and more focused and effective political action. The most important lessons and recommendations of this conference were compiled in the so-called “Manifesto of Santa Cruz” on entrepreneurialism.

The event received financial support from the Department for International Development (UK Aid) and the International Centre for Development Research (IDRC) in the UK. He brought together a large international audience of researchers from developing countries, international experts, practitioners and policy advisers, among others, from 31 different countries.