INESAD and Regional Development

INESAD and the Graduate School at the Technical University of Oruro (UTO) organized the Sixth Economic Symposium: Regional Development, which took place in the city of Oruro on June 13th. Osvaldo Nina, senior researcher of INESAD, and Rolando Morales, director of CIESS-Econometrics, were the keynote speakers. Gustavo Aranibar, a doctoral candidate in regional development planning at UTO, served as the discussant.

This event included more than 200 participants, including members of academia, students, and professionals. The principal findings were: 1) regional development policies should strive for cohesion and balance with the terrain; 2) the evidence for promoting an integrated national development program should come from the regions and be appraised by their universities and academic centers; and 3) development institutions should encourage the interchange of successful experiences between regions (departments and/or municipalities).

INESAD appreciates the collaboration with the Economic, Financial, and Administrative Faculty and Staff of the Graduate School of UTO for helping to organize this Symposium.

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