Education Projects:

To provide education is one of the most important jobs of the government. It is vital that research, with the aim of improving quality, effectiveness and equality of the education system, is elaborated so as to guide public policies.


1) Economic training in Bolivia and Chile

Aim: This project intends to identify common patterns and differences in economic training between Bolivia and Chile, and examine up to what point these can be explained by different cultural, social and economic realities.

Project Director: Carlos Gustavo Machicado

Other participants: Lourdes Espinoza, Katia Makhlouf

Funding/collaboration: inter-American Development Bank


2) Management of education decentralization

Aim: the objective of this project is to propose guidelines in order to continue with the process of education decentralization in Bolivia.

Project director: Osvaldo Nina

Funding/collaboration: Finance Analysis Network (RAF) of the Finance Ministry, Education Ministry.


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