Public health and development projects

Goals of these projects:

  • To understand the origins, dynamics and impacts on health, and the ways of controlling infectious illness at a household, community, regional, and global level.
  • To develop and implement both statistical and epistemological techniques and models which establish causal links between environmental pollutants and poor health. As well as to establish links between environmental and health outcomes with population and economic development issues.
  • To generate practical recommendations for implementable policies based on formal research.


1)The projected scenarios and financial requirements of the MDG indicators: Maternal Mortality rate.

Aim: the objective of this project is to determine the most effective route in terms of costs for achieving the Millennium Development Goal of reducing the maternal mortality rate by ¾ by the year 2015, using dynamic system methods.

Project director: Martin Vargas

Funding: Panamerican Health Organisation (PAHO)


2) Tobacco and poverty in urban Bolivia

Aim: the objective of this project is to determine in what way the consumption of tobacco affects the poor in Bolivian urban regions, and to design policies that reduce the negative effects of smoking.

Research team: Osvaldo Nina, Martin Vargas, Julio von Vacano, Mauricio Chumacero, Elena Fumagali

Funding: Panamerican Health Organisation (PAHO)

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