The Institute for Advanced Studies Development recognized the most read blog of its web


The Senior Researcher Lykke E. Andersen was recognized by INESAD for written the most read Blog in the INESAD’s web in the last 6 months of 2016. The name of the blogs is: Does Education Pay in Bolivia?

The award was in INESAD offices, over the Lykke birthday celebration. They gave to her a certified and the characteristic INESAD owl for the merit.

The blog has 1167 visits; the next most read blog was  Extractivism in Bolivia: How raw materials extracted changed since neoliberal governments (1985-2004)? Written by Susana Del Granado and Gabriela Olivera, with 714 visits, and in the third position was Where are the poor in Bolivia? by Lykke E. Andersen with 676 visits.

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