The Institute for Advanced Studies on Development has a new associate researcher


Anna Stewart, Ph.D., imparted to the members of INESAD, a presentation on October, 14th in the INESAD offices. Her job is to understand the climate role and the social vulnerability in the apparition and persistence of emerging sicknesses as cholera and other sicknesses in Latin America.


Over the last years, she was collaborating with academic and government institutions of the region in researches with practice purposes, participative studies based in the community and, the researches of early alert systems for floods, principally in Ecuador, Bolivia the Dominican Republic. She did her last research jointly to INESAD.

Stewart is director of the research program for the Global Health Center and Science Translate in Upstate Medical University (SUNY). She has her Ph.D. in ecologist from SUNY University and Environment and Forestry Science and a Master degree in Public Administration from Maxwell School of Citizenship and Public Issues from Siracusa University. Currently, she is visiting INESAD as an associate researcher.

Relevant Publications:
Borbor-Cordova MJ, Beltrán Ayala E, Cardenas WB, Endy T, Finkelstein JL, King CA, Leon R, Muñoz AG, Mejía R, Polhemus ME, Recalde Coronel GC, Ryan SJ. Stewart-Ibarra AM. “Case study: Vector-virus-microclimate surveillance system for dengue control in Machala, Ecuador” in Climate Services for Public Health: Improving Public Health Decision Making in a New Climate. Eds. J.Shumake-Guillemot and L.Fernandez-Montoya. Geneva: World Meteorological Organization and World Health Organization.

Ecobar L, Ryan SJ, Stewart-Ibarra AM, Finkelstein J, King CA, Qiao H, Polhemus M. 2015. A Global Map of Suitability for Coastal Cholera Under Current and Future Climate Conditions. Acta Tropica. 149 (2015) 202–211.

Mordecai E.,  Cohen J.,  Evans MV, Gudapati P,  Johnson LR,  Miazgowicz K,  Murdock CC, Rohr JR,  Ryan SJ,  Savage V,  Shocket M,  Stewart-Ibarra AM,  Thomas MB, Weikel DB. Temperature determines Zika, dengue and chikungunya transmission potential in the Americas. Preprint at bioRxiv. In review at PLoS NTD.

Stewart Ibarra AM, Luzadis VA, Borbor Cordova MJ, Silva  M, Ordoñez  T, Beltrán Ayala  E, Ryan SJ. 2014. A social-ecological analysis of community perceptions of dengue fever and Aedes aegypti in Machala, Ecuador. BMC Public Health.

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