The Institute for Advanced Studies on Development, INESAD celebrated 10 years of its creation

The Institute for Advanced Studies on Development, INESAD, accomplished 10 years of creation, diffusion, and transmission of knowledge oriented to overcoming critical barriers to sustainable development.


For celebrating its 10th anniversary, INESAD made the book “El ABC del desarrollo en Bolivia”, which was presented on December 1th, 2016, in the Union Circle in La Paz – Bolivia. The book has 30 chapters, that analyzing Bolivia´s development in social, economic and environmental areas, in the last 25 years, it was ordered from A to Z (Agua, Basura, Crimen, … , exporaciones, zonas metropolitanas).

The book pretends to promote the discussion on development, and be an instrument innovate and useful for everybody, principally for policy makers.


Carlos Gustavo Machicado, Ejective Director of INESAD,  in the event, highlighted   that “The secret of the INESAD`s successful is the human capital”. The institution are convinced of the social transformation comes from inside and in the research area for development must be fronted by researchers who live together with the underdevelopment problems every day.


The dream of INESAD is to build a space in Bolivia, where the best researchers in development matter, have access to resources, outfit and the necessary inspiration for carrying out high level and relevant scientific researches; and that way, help to get better the public policies at all levels. In this particular space, we wish to support the training of future generations of researchers and impart to them a passion for scientific research in development. For that, we introduce the Ambassador Internship program among others initiatives.



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