12th Economics Research Workshop


The 12th Economics Research Workshop (ERW) organized by the Bolivian Private University (UPB), the Institute for Advanced Studies Development (INESAD), the Bolivian Academy of Economics Science (ABCE) and the Bolivian Economist Society (SEBOL), was on Wednesday, May 3th, in the UPB’s Postgrad Auditorium.


In this opportunity, Javier Aliaga Lordemann, Full Academic of the ABCE, presented the working paper: “Intergenerational Water Common Pool Resource: Experimental Evidence from Bolivia”.

In the exposition, Ac. Aliaga showed his experiment about the Common Pool Resource decisions use and its incidence in future generations.

The presenter focused his study in the water resource and commented that in Bolivia there are many rural communities with water common pool resource, but those are having a depletion process because of natural’s factors as climate change, and consumer decisions of the actual generations.


The results of the experiment show an intergenerational link affects, but the water use decisions don´t have social equilibrium, but rather an individual equilibrium.


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