The Legacy of: The Think Tank Initiative Program in Latin America

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This book is part of the Legacy Project Latin America supported by the International Development Research Centre (IDRC); under the coordinating, technical and operational management of INESAD, FUSADES and Grupo FARO.

The following chapters are part of the publication:

  1. CADEP and the Think Tank Initiative: Key Results and Lessons Learned
  2. The Scope of a Transformative Relationship: Fundación Aru and the Think Tank Initiative
  3. Taking Up the Initiative from within: The Case of GRADE and TTI
  4. A Lifeline: TTI, the Opportunity for Sustainability and Growth
  5. The Process of Reforms at Investigación para el Desarrollo
  6. Academic Center and Think Tank: The Consolidation of IEP under the TTI
  7. Promoting Quality Research in Bolivia: The Think Tank Initiative at INESAD
  8. A Story of Transformations, Challenges and Learning: FUNDAUNGO’s Experience in the Think Tank Initiative
  9. Research for Transformation: The Case of FUSADES
  10. ASIES in the Think Tank Initiative: A Story Told through Seven Voices
  11. FOSDEH: A Laboratory of Ideas for Equity; Countercurrent of Exclusion
  12. The Case of the Latin American Public Policy Research Initiative
  13. The TTI: Experiment in Strengthening Think Tanks

The opinions, errors or omissions expressed in the studies of this book belong solely to the authors and not necessarily to the promoting institutions or the think tanks under study.

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