Evaluación de la economía y del desarrollo en Bolivia: Avances, retrocesos y perspectivas

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The following book is a joint effort by KAS and INESAD Foundation; it finds synergies and collaboration in the need to promote a public debate – constructive and based on knowledge – on key issues of economy and development; fundamental to generate informed, responsible and free societies.

The sections that make up the book have information to cover a period of at least 18 years, and have been developed in light of the short-term components on the economic cycles experienced in the country and the long-term or structural factors.

(This book is only avaible in Spanish)

The following chapters are part of the publication:

  1. Estado del crecimiento económico sustentable
  2. Producción y precios bajo la lupa de los ciclos económicos
  3. Desempeño del Sector Externo
  4. El sector fiscal durante el ciclo económico
  5. Sector financiero: profundización financiera e inversión
  6. Situación laboral boliviana: factores cíclicos y estructurales
  7. Pobreza, Desigualdad y movilidad social (1996-2018)
  8. Shocks de Ingresos y Asistencia Escolar en Bolivia: Periodo 2000-2018
  9. Exclusión en salud en Bolivia

The opinions, errors or omissions expressed in the studies of this book belong solely to the authors and not necessarily to KAS or INESAD Foundation.

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