The INESAD Foundation (Institute for Advanced Development Studies) was once again recognized as the No. 1 think tank in Bolivia and as one of the most prominent in the region.

Photo: Recognition poster.

The Global Go To Think Tank Index Report 2020, published by the University of Pennsylvania in January 2021, together with its Lauder Institute and the Thinks Tanks and Civil Societies Program (TTCSP), analyzes and shows, of globally, the contributions to economic and social development made by different think tanks around the world. The report presents this work through a ranking of positions globally and regionally.

For the management 2020, the INESAD Foundation once again occupies the position number ONE in Bolivia, being the most important and fastest growing think tank in the national territory. In addition, it remains in position No. 38 in the Central and South American regions, being among the 3.2% of the best think tanks in the region.

The Global Go To Think Tank Index Report 2020 also classifies the different think tanks in the world according to topics of work and contributions made. In this sense, the INESAD Foundation also stands out in the following categories:

2020 Top Environment Policy Think Tanks: The category compiles think tanks that work on environmental issues and, at the same time, lead activities on environmental policy, where INESAD remains in position No. 63 globally.

Think Tank to Watch in 2020: The category compiles the think tanks that are most notable for their contributions, where INESAD is ranked No. 107 globally.

These recognitions represent the effort and quality of INESAD’s work; always committed to its mission of “Generating, disseminating and transferring knowledge aimed at overcoming critical obstacles to sustainable socioeconomic development, seeking to influence public policies”; and its vision of “Being a leading research center in sustainable socioeconomic development, recognized nationally and internationally for the quality and relevance of the research carried out, with an impact on public policies.”

This recognition would not have been possible without the coordinated work of the entire INESAD team, which allows the Foundation to grow and contribute more to Bolivia. In addition, the support of all research institutions, state agencies and international cooperation agencies should be highlighted and appreciated.

Despite the complex conditions given by the Covid-19 pandemic in our country and in the world, INESAD reaffirmed its commitment to work in development research and thus be able to contribute from civil society.

The INESAD Foundation is very grateful to all the public that supports, consults and analyzes the work produced; since it is a fundamental piece to achieve this recognition and positioning as one of the most important think tanks in Latin America.

What is the Global Go to Think Tank Index?

Photo: Cover of the report.

Global Go to Think Tank Index is a report produced by the University of Pennsylvania together with its Lauder Institute and the TTCSP Program that measures and analyzes the quality of the work carried out by different think tanks around the world. This report serves both donors, policy makers, journalists and academics, as a measure or parameter for their choice or rating.

The report is prepared under the direction of James G. McGann, Ph.D .; It has been carried out since 2006 and is presented annually at the beginning of each management. The evaluation process is developed through a survey, proposed to more than 50,000 people, specialists in the economic and social areas. Subsequently, a multidisciplinary team of hundreds of specialists evaluates the results and validates the positions of each of the think tanks.

You can review the Global Go to Think Tank Index at the following link:

INESAD Foundation

Think Tank No. 1 in Bolivia

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