Alejandro Herrera

Setting an example? Spillover effects of Peruvian Magnet Schools

By: Alejandro Herrera Mariel Bedoya Bruno Gonzaga Karen Espinoza Abstract In this paper we use a Multi-Cutoff Fuzzy Regression Discontinuity Design to evaluate spillover effects of students enrolled into Peruvian public magnet schools, Colegios de Alto Rendimiento (COAR), on educational outcomes of younger students in their schools of origin. Using …

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Global Value Chains: The case of Bolivia

By: Beatriz Muriel Hernández & Alejandro Herrera J. La Paz, December 2017 Abstract This paper analyzes Bolivian Global Value Chains (GVC) for 2002, 2005 and 2011, using the Vertical Specialization Index (EV) of  Hummels et al. (2001) and the measure of Upstreamness of Antràs y Chor (2011) (cited by Antràs et …

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