Antonio Saravia

Productivity, Structural Change, and Latin American Development

ABSTRACT: We calibrate a simple neoclassical model of structural transformation to a set of Latin American countries and show that slow growth in agricultural productivity can substantially delay the development process and result in signicant dierences in per capita incomes. Some of our results indicate that low agricultural productivity delayed …

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The Chilean agricultural transformation during the second half of the twentieth century: A story of institutional change

ABSTRACT: The second half of the twentieth century witnessed a dramatic transformation of the Chilean agricultural sector. From accounting for only five percent of the value of Chile’s total exports in the late 1960s, agricultural exports grew to account for more than 30 percent of this value in the mid …

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A note on the U-shaped relationship between political competition and economic freedom

ABSTRACT: We investigate a recent political theory of institutional change according to which institutions of economic freedom are more likely to be adopted at the extreme cases of strong and weak political competition than at cases in between. We find that such a U-shaped relationship is verified when controlling for …

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