Boris Branisa

The Biological Standard of Living in Urban Bolivia, 1880S – 1920S: Stagnation and Persistent Inequality

By: Boris Branisa José Peres – Cajías Nigel Caspa Abstract: Based on almost 5.000 direct observations on National Identification Cards, this paper offers the first estimation of the evolution of average heights in urban Bolivia for the decades 1880s-1920s. The analysis focuses on men aged 19-50 years registered in the …

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Fortalecimiento institucional y expansión del crédito mediante el uso de TICs en Entidades Financieras Comunales en Bolivia

By: Boris Branisa C. Carlos Gustavo Machicado S. Mario Marcelo Arduz R. Abstract This document analyzes the implementation of a financial system (software) for the Community Financial Institutions (CFEs) carried out between 2011 and 2012. The system was a set of financial modules that facilitated the administration of information and …

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Social institutions and gender inequality in fragile states: are they relevant for the post-MDG debate?

ABSTRACT We focus on an issue that appears particularly relevant for fragile states and which has received little attention: social institutions related to gender inequality, defined as societal practices and legal norms that frame gender roles and the distribution of power between men and women in the family, market, and …

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