Joaquín Morales

Las Características y el Desarrollo de la Economía Popular Un Modelo Formal con Evidencia Etnográfica

By: Joaquín Morales Valeria Salinas La Paz, September 2018 Abstract We explore reasons underlying the economic prosperity of certain popular merchants in Bolivia. Even if economics often associates popular merchants with poor economic performance and low productivity, anthropological evidence shows the existence of large fortunes in the bolivian popular economy …

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The Role of the Natural Resource Curse in Preventing Development in Politically Unstable Countries: Case Studies of Angola and Bolivia

ABSTRACT: For about three decades now, development economics researchers have consistently claimed that third world resource-rich countries were not developing as well and/or as fast as they were expected to, given that their natural resources endowment was considered a great opportunity for development. The phenomenon of underperformances concerning primary commodity …

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