Luis Castro

Análisis de la Desigualdad de Largo Plazo en Bolivia, 1976-2012

By: Luis Fernando Castro Peñarrieta Gustavo Zárate Taborga Valeria Salinas Maceda   Abstract Inequality in Bolivia is normally measured through income. However, the construction of a socio-economic index (ISE), using the four available censuses 1976, 1992, 2001 and 2012, permits to analyze inequality in long-term as well as under a …

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Outliers in semi-parametric Estimation of Treatment Effects

By: Darwin Ugarte Ontiveros, Gustavo Canavire-Bacarreza and Luis Castro Peñarrieta October 2017 Abstract Average treatment effects estimands can present significant bias under the presence of outliers. Moreover, outliers can be particularly hard to detect, creating bias and inconsistency in the semi-parametric ATE estimads. In this paper, we use Monte Carlo simulations to demonstrate …

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Does Licensing Induce Technological Spillovers to Domestic Firms?

Abstract Productivity differences can explain differences in economic growth across countries. It has been demonstrated that the presence of a foreign-owned multinational enterprise (MNE) in a developing country is one of the most important methods through which technology transfer occurs. This presence could be in the form of foreign direct …

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