– Economics of Wellbeing

Setting an example? Spillover effects of Peruvian Magnet Schools

By: Alejandro Herrera Mariel Bedoya Bruno Gonzaga Karen Espinoza Abstract In this paper we use a Multi-Cutoff Fuzzy Regression Discontinuity Design to evaluate spillover effects of students enrolled into Peruvian public magnet schools, Colegios de Alto Rendimiento (COAR), on educational outcomes of younger students in their schools of origin. Using …

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Education Projects:

To provide education is one of the most important jobs of the government. It is vital that research, with the aim of improving quality, effectiveness and equality of the education system, is elaborated so as to guide public policies. Sub-projects:  1) Economic training in Bolivia and Chile Aim: This project …

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Public health and development projects

Goals of these projects: To understand the origins, dynamics and impacts on health, and the ways of controlling infectious illness at a household, community, regional, and global level. To develop and implement both statistical and epistemological techniques and models which establish causal links between environmental pollutants and poor health. As …

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Proyectos en Movilidad Social

Indiscutiblemente, no hay nada peor para las perspectivas de crecimiento a largo plazo que una baja movilidad social. Si no existen posibilidades de avanzar en socialmente, la gente pobre tiene pocas incentivos para trabajar duro y para invertir en capital humano y físico. Inversamente, sin inversiones ni trabajo duro, hay …

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