Quick guide

A. Install SimPachamama in 3 easy steps: Step 1: Download and install NetLogo In order to play with SimPachamama, you will need to install NetLogo. It is a free programming platform for Agent Based Modeling developed by Northwestern University and it can be downloaded here: Please follow the installation instructions …

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SimPachamama training courses

SimPachamama is intended to be used in high schools, universities, or training and consultation workshops about policies and mechanisms to reduce deforestation. It is a complementary learning tool which can be used to encourage participation and stimulate discussion and debate about how to design incentives and policies that promote living well …

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Team SimPachamama

The SimPachamama project was financed by the British program called “Ecosystem Services for Poverty Alleviation” (ESPA). It was carried out by a consortium of institutions consisting of London School of Economics, INESAD, Conservation International, SOAS and University of Sussex. The main researchers behind SimPachamama are: Lykke E. Andersen (INESAD), Ugur Bilge …

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