Oscar Molina

Ph.D in Economics and Social Sciences from the Valencian Polytechnic University
Ph.D in Economics and Company Administration from the Bolivian Private University
MSc in Economics from the University of Chile
M.A. in International Business and Comerce from the Bolivian Private University

B.A in Economics from San Pablo Catholic University of Bolivia

He was researcher in the Economics Department of the University of Chile and for the Chilean Science and Technology Research Fund. He has worked as an international consultant for the Promotion of Education Reform in Latin America and the Carribean Program (PREAL), the Interamerican Development Bank (BID), the United Nations World Food Program (PMA) and the Support Unit of Canadian Cooperation Services. In Bolivia he has been education consultant for the Bolivian Government, Managing Executive and Senior Economist of the National Institute of Statistics and Board memeber of NAFIBO ST. His academic profession has consisted of being an invited professor of Masters programs at the Universidad Mayor de Andrés and Simon Bolivia Andian University (Sucre), as well as speaker at various conferences and academic meetings at both a national and international level. He is currently Dean of Campus La Paz, professor of economics and Academic Director of the Economics doctorate of the Bolivian Private University. He has published a number of articles in nacional and international magazines.

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