Winners of the 2019 Dream Team Dart Tournament at INESAD, July 2019.

2019 Dream Team Dart Tournament

The 15th annual Dream Team Dart Tournament was held on the 11th of July 2019 at INESAD. It was organized in a hurry, to make sure Alejandro could participate before moving to Washington D.C. to start his new job at the Research Department of the Inter-American Development Bank. It also …

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The winners of the 2018 Dream Team Dart Tournament at INESAD.

2018 Dream Team Dart Tournament

The 14th annual Dream Team Dart Tournament was held on the 21st of April 2018. Below is a photo of this year’s winners. Ximena and José Luis won gold, Alejandra and Levin silver, and Agnes and Mario bronze. Here is a photo of almost all the participants. After a year …

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Pyjama Farewell Party, March 2018

We have held so many farewell parties at INESAD lately, that it is difficult to keep coming up with new, creative themes. In order to send Remy off to Spain for her master studies, we decided on a Pyjama Party at the office. A few brave souls actually wore pyjamas …

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Guitareada at INESAD

Secret Friend Week and Farewell to Cesar, March 2018

In preparation for Cesar’s farewell party at INESAD this week, we decided to organize a Secret Friend Week, and it was so successful, and revealed so many hidden talents at INESAD, that we decided that a new INESAD tradition had been born. At the beginning of the week, everybody drew …

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Boris winning the INESAD Owl Trophy for the most read blog of 2017.

Farewell to Alejandra Goytia, and INESAD Best Blog Award, February 2018

Friday the 23rd of February was Alejandra Goytia’s last day at INESAD, as she is off to Santiago de Chile to do a Masters in Economics at Universidad de Chile, with a full Academic Excellence Scholarship ( We all wish her an exciting and stimulating year there, certain that she …

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All the junior researchers at INESAD at the moment.

Housewarming party at INESAD, February 2018

After a few months of moving mess and Christmas holidays, INESAD was finally ready to invite our friends, colleagues and collaborators to a Housewarming Party at our new offices in Irpavi on the 1st of February, 2018. Once a critical mass of people had found the place, INESAD’s President, Vice-President …

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INESAD's Christmas group photo, December 2017.

INESAD Christmas Party 2017

For the first Christmas Party at our new offices in Irpavi (a former restaurant), we chose to take advantage of the facilities and have a barbecue party instead of a more traditional Christmas dinner. It was held on Saturday the 16th of December, and here is the official group photo …

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Winners of INESAD's 2017 Dream Team Dart Tournament.

2017 Dream Team Dart Tournament

This year’s Dream Team Dart Tournament was held on the 7th of September. Below is the official photo of the winners. Gold went to Helene, Guccio and Cesar (Cesar came late and replaced Helene, who left early. She did most of the gold winning, though, so Cesar ought to give …

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Group photo at INESAD's 11th Anniversary Party.

INESAD Anniversary celebrations, July 2017

We celebrated INESAD’s 11th Anniversary on Friday the 14th of July, coinciding with La Paz’s and France’s celebrations as well, so it was a festive day. Here is a group photo of almost all the participants (Martin Vargas, one of the founders of INESAD on a rare visit from Brazil, …

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