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Housewarming party at INESAD, February 2018

After a few months of moving mess and Christmas holidays, INESAD was finally ready to invite our friends, colleagues and collaborators to a Housewarming Party at our new offices in Irpavi on the 1st of February, 2018.

Once a critical mass of people had found the place, INESAD’s President, Vice-President and Executive Director gave a few words of welcome and updates on INESAD. One of the good news was that according to the 2017 Global Go To Think Tank Index Report published just the day before, INESAD had once again improved its ranking and is now considered #39 among Top Think Tanks in Central and South America (out of 979 evaluated). Of course, we also maintain our position as the highest ranked Think Tank in Bolivia, and are also still considered among the top 1% of Think Tanks worldwide on environmental issues.

Participants gathering to hear the welcome speeches of INESAD's directors.
Participants gathering to hear the welcome speeches of INESAD’s Executive Director, Beatriz Muriel.

The current leadership at INESAD consists of Beatriz Muriel (Executive Director), Ximena Coronada (President of the Board of Directors), Oscar Molina (Vice-President of the Board of Directors) and Miguel Antonio Roca (the newest member of our Board of Directors).

INESAD's current leadership, Executive Director, Beatriz Muriel, and the three members of the board of directors: Oscar Molina, Ximena Coronado and Miguel Antonio Roca.
INESAD’s current leadership: Beatriz Muriel, Oscar Molina, Ximena Coronado and Miguel Antonio Roca.

Once the formalities were over, our guests enjoyed meeting up with friends and colleagues after the Christmas break.

After the formalities, our guests enjoyed meeting up with old and new friends after the Christmas break.
We feel particularly honored that Guillermo Guzmán from the Centro de Investigaciones Sociales (CIS) of the VicePresidency managed to show up for a quick visit despite having just become a father for the first time.

Another impressive appearance was Levin Wiebelt from Germany, INESAD’s newest Ambassador Intern, who had just arrived the same day, but appeared fresh and ready to roll despite the long trip and the altitude.  Below he can be seen together with the other junior researchers at INESAD.

All the junior researchers at INESAD at the moment.
All the juniors at INESAD at the moment: Alejandra, Luis, Mario, Alejandra, Fernanda, Agnes, Cesar, and Levin.

As can be seen from the photos above, we maintain strict gender balance at INESAD at every level. This is in sharp contrast to the situation of economists in the rest of the world (see our recent blog: Economics is the most dismal of sciences in terms of gender equality). Of course, the perfect balance is a pure coincidence and could change at any moment.

Below are photos of various groups of our esteemed guests, all of whom we thank profoundly for their friendship and collaboration.

Joaquín Morales, Oscar Molina, Alejandro Zegarra, and Mario Arduz.
Joaquín, Oscar, Alejandro, and Mario.
Juan Antonio, Agnes, Miguel and Ricardo.
Juan Antonio, Agnes, Miguel and Ricardo.
Martin, Paul and Horacio.
Martin, Paul and Horacio.
Lykke, Werner and Fernanda.
Lykke, Werner and Fernanda.

The caterer at the event planned food and drinks for 60 people, which is pretty close to the actual number of people who showed up. She has catered for many INESAD events before, but still got surprised at just how much we can drink. There was not a drop of alcohol left once the event was over, while there was lots of food left for brunch the next day.

We had ordered food for 50 people, and that is pretty much the number of people that showed up, but there was way too much food.
Recommendation for future INESAD events: More beer and wine – less food.



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