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Sushi making, March 2016

Sushi making class in Susana's new apartment.

After a long break, INESAD’s Beer & Book Club met again. However, we got completely side-tracked by three other activities, namely the inaugeration of Susana’s new apartment, the celebration of Montserrat succesfully defending her thesis and obtaining her bachelor degree in Economics in the morning, and Stefano and Caro teaching …

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LACEA 2015, October 2015

The INESAD team at CAINCO's welcome cocktail in Santa Cruz de la Sierra, 14 October 2015.

As INESAD was one of the main organizers (together with SEBOL and UPSA) of the 20th annual meeting of the Latin American and Carribbean Economics Association (LACEA), almost all of the INESAD staff went to Santa Cruz de la Sierra to help with the organization and participate in this major …

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Economists in the lab, September 2015

Economists visiting the Environmental Quality Lab at UMSA, La Paz, September 2015.

A combination of insatiable curiosity and healthy skepticism led a group of INESAD researchers to conduct a very unusual experiment for economists: Following a carefully devised protocol developed by Susana, we took water samples from our kitchen taps on Monday the 14th of September in several different neighborhoods in La …

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Celebrating the launch of EMINPRO, July 2015

Beatriz together with the panelists: Ex-viceminister Rodolfo Erostegui; current Viceminister Benito Rodríguez; Ricardo Nogales from UPB; and Anders Stuhr from the Royal Danish Embassy in La Paz.

On the 30th of July, INESAD held it’s 7th Economic Symposium in La Paz. This time the topic was Decent Work for Bolivia, and the event marked the launch of EMINPRO, a network of institutions and individuals working on the topics of employment, income and production in Bolivia. Beatriz Muriel …

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FOSC-Mortem workshop (Bosque Casa Grande)

The Danish Cooperation in Bolivia has a Fund for Civil Society (FOSC) in the area of integral and sustainable management of forests. This fund had invited groups of civil society organizations to submit proposals for concrete projects in three Bolivian priority areas by the 31st of December 2014. INESAD joined …

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Climate Change Knowledge Sharing Course in Ecuador – October 2013

INESAD received a small grant from IDRC to carry out a Knowledge Sharing course together with CEDA (Centro Ecuatoriano de Derecho Ambiental) in Quito, Ecuador in October 2013. The course was the last of 5 Climate Change Impact Evaluation courses held in Bolivia, Peru, Paraguay and Ecuador during the year …

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Climate Change Knowledge Sharing Course in Paraguay – September 2013

INESAD received a small grant from IDRC to carry out a Knowledge Sharing course at CADEP in Asunción, Paraguay in September 2013. The course was a more in-depth version of the Climate Change Impact Evaluation course that we had already held in Bolivia, Peru and Ecuador earlier this year, and …

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