Mauricio Blanco Cossío

Phone: (+591) 2 – 2146069  (INESAD)
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Master’s in Political Science from the Rio de Janeiro University Research Institute (IUPERJ), Brazil. Economist from the Bolivian Catholic University San Pablo (UCB), Bolivia. He is a specialist in Social Policies with 20 years of experience in the design, implementation and evaluation of government and private sector programs and projects. He was a Researcher at the Applied Economics Research Institute (IPEA), Brazil; and the Institute for Labor and Society Studies (IETS), Brazil. He is co-founder of the AFortiori Institute, Brazil and currently is a Senior Researcher at the Institute for Advanced Development Studies (INESAD), Bolivia.

Throughout his career, he has provided consulting and technical advisory services to the Brazilian central government and subnational governments, as well as to international organizations.