Ambassador Internships are highly competitive paid internships for young development professionals who wish to gain hands-on experience in development research in a developing country. The duration of these internships is between 3 and 12 months. Applicants can access the program from any country in the world, with fluency in Spanish and English being an essential requirement, as this is a necessary skill for INESAD’s research projects. The internships are funded by various embassies in Bolivia, hence the name, and will cover the intern’s travel and living expenses during his/her stay in Bolivia, up to a maximum of US$3,000.

The Ambassador Internships are expected to provide lasting benefits to Bolivia, INESAD, and the interns. The latter will gain valuable work experience in developing countries for their CV, which will give them a clear advantage when applying for doctoral studies or jobs in a highly competitive global market. So far the experience gained at INESAD has been a key element in giving interns and young researchers the opportunity to get full scholarships and acceptance at the best universities in the world (e.g. Johns Hopkins, Yale, Emory and UCSD Universities in the USA, Aarhus University in Denmark, PUC-Rio in Brazil and Torcuato Di–Tella in Argentina). INESAD benefits from the youthful energy, creativity and hard work of the interns during their stay and the contacts generated through their work. Bolivia benefits because the interns will become informal ambassadors for Bolivia wherever they subsequently work.

Ambassador Interns

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