SimPachamama training courses

SimPachamama is intended to be used in high schools, universities, or training and consultation workshops about policies and mechanisms to reduce deforestation. It is a complementary learning tool which can be used to encourage participation and stimulate discussion and debate about how to design incentives and policies that promote living well in harmony with nature at the local level.

To take full advantage of SimPachamama, we recommend obtaining the necessary background information, guidance and discussion points from one of our free, on-line SimPachamama courses.

SimPachamamaStudentIcon The SimPachamama Student course can be completed within a two-hour session. It takes the students through the installation process, explains the interface, presents exercises and provides quizzes to make students reflect on key issues.
SimPachamamaTeacherIcon The SimPachamama Teacher course is for teachers and trainers who wish to use SimPachamama in classes or workshops. It provides a bit more background information and suggestions on how to incorporate SimPachamama into a workshop on mechanisms to reduce deforestation.
SimPachamamaProfessionalIco The SimPachamama Professional course is aimed at graduate students and university professors, and will explain the SimPachamama simulation game, the socio-economic and environmental models behind it, and the NetLogo programming language, allowing course participants enough insights to be able to modify and adapt SimPachamama to other settings and other purposes. The course should take about 40 hours to complete.

Courses can be accessed through INESAD’s training portal: