Bent Jesper Christensen

The Static and Dynamic Benefits of Migration and Remittances in Nicaragua

ABSTRACT: This paper utilizes a unique three-wave panel of household data from Nicaragua, which allows a thorough exploration of the relationships between migration, remittances and household consumption. The paper distinguishes between the effects of emigration and the impacts of remittances received. There is a self-selection bias in the decision to …

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Labor Mobility in Bolivia: On-the-job Search Behavior of Private and Public Sector Employees

ABSTRACT: This paper estimates structural parameters of both a simple and an extended job separation model with the purpose of understanding constraints in the labor market in Bolivia. The results confirm the hypothesis that skilled labor is a scarce commodity in Bolivia, while unskilled labor is abundantly available. This implies …

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The Impact of Aid on Recipient Behavior: A Micro-Level Dynamic Analysis of Remittances, Schooling, Work, Consumption, Investment and Social Mobility in Nicaragua.

ABSTRACT: Remittances are a very important source of income for many Nicaraguan families. More than 40% of all households receive remittances that on average amount to 12-15% of total household income in these households. More than 30% of these households receive remittances at least monthly, implying that it is a …

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Movilidad Laboral en Bolivia: Una Comparación entre Empleados del Sector Público y Privado

ABSTRACT: Varios estudios realizados en Bolivia sugieren que los trabajadores calificados son escasos y que los puestos de trabajo en el sector público son tan atractivos que el sector privado no puede captar ni mantener los trabajadores calificados que necesita. Tal tendencia limita fuertemente el crecimiento económico y la reducción …

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