Paola Andrea Barrientos Quiroga

Convergence Clubs in Latin America: A Historical Approach

Literature on convergence among Latin American countries is still scarce compared to other regions. Almost none of the research connects convergence to the economic history of Latin America and the usual finding is one speed of convergence assuming one globally stable steady-state. In this paper I analyze 32 countries and …

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Theory, History and Evidence of Economic Convergence in Latin America

ABSTRACT: Economic convergence exists when two or more economies tend to reach a similar level of development and wealth. The study of convergence is an important topic because besides being useful for the debate between different theories, it can respond several inquiries such as if the distribution of income between …

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Analysis of International Migration and Its Impacts on Developing Countries

ABSTRACT: This paper provides a review of the literature on the reasons and consequences of international migration. The principal determinants of migration are analyzed and it is seen that educated people from developing countries are more likely to migrate for several reasons (i.e. network determinants, costs of moving, pull factors …

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Análisis de Equidad en la Asignación del Gasto Educativo en Bolivia

ABSTRACT: Las reformas educativas de los noventas cambiaron los mecanismos de asignación del gasto educativo en América Latina. Sin embargo, estas reformas no fueron seguidas por estudios que examinen los resultados sobre equidad. La ausencia de análisis sobre equidad en el financiamiento educativo está obstaculizando el diseño de políticas públicas …

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