Great assistence to the workshop: “Water: from information to action”


The workshop “Water: From information to action” organized by the INESAD Foundation and Practical Solutions was on Tuesday, January 31th in the Jubileo Foundation Auditorium, and had 11 expositors and more than 80 assistants, both academics and decision makers.


The principal objective of the workshop was form an actor’s network, interested in supply, harvesting, use and scarcity of water in Bolivia, with emphasis in the affected cities by the water harvesting crisis (La Paz y El Alto). Likewise, in the workshop shared information about the solution of the water crisis by civil society and decision makers.


Also the assistants discussed the network objective, it characteristics and future activities. At the moment for the assistant register, were giving it the option to be part of the action network for that way they can contribute with their knowledge and opinions.


The event began whit the presentation of INESAD Ejecutive Director, Carlos Gustavo Machicado, Ph. D. who explained the principal objectives of the meeting. Then the recognized Bolivian Movie Director, Macos Loayza presented the documental “Water, Bolivia Planet”.

Continuing, Ph.D. Susana Del Granado, Senior Research explained the principal sources, uses and costs of the water in La Paz city and El Alto city. (The working paper can be download here Flujos físicos y monetarios relacionados a los recursos hídricos en las ciudades de La Paz y El Alto.) Also Luis Bracutt, Researcher of Atmosphere Physics exposed how the humidity, have origins in the Atlantic Ocean going to Amazon before arrives at the plateau.

DSC_0851Rafael Cortéz, geologist engineer, hydrology expert presented “Underground Sources of Water and Well piercing”. Then Rafael Escobar, Regional Manager – Energy Program, Infrastructure and Basic Sanitation, Practice Solutions, who share the technology for water and sustainable management for promotes water and sanitation access, in the rural zone, win a regional view in Latin América.

The expositions about a solution for the water crisis in La Paz y El Alto were in charge of the sociologist Carlos Carafa, Sustainable Water Director. He explained his work whit plateau communities. Also, Carlos Reza, Leader Country – Energy, Infrastructure and Basic Sanitation Program.

Angela Guerra of the collective citizen “La Casa de Los Ningunos” describes the different technologies for the responsible use of water, as water harvesting , dry baths and dry shampoo, that been developing in the last years with the objective of incentive the urban population to implement those technologies in their homes. Also, the Environment and Water Minister was present, described the Metropolis Master Plan, basins studies realized in the past and the project for the future.


Finally, the event concluded consolidating the objective of the network: “Genera a space of water discussion as a strategic resource, for the inclusive development and sustainability, facilitating the analysis and decision making from the scientific research and technic solutions, with the participation of the academics, the society, the decision makers, and the international cooperation. If you want to be part of this training network contact Agnes Medinaceli to the email


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