Juan Cristóbal Birbuet

El Progreso Social en Bolivia: Un Análisis Departamental

Por: Luis Fernando Serrudo Carlos Gustavo Machicado Juan Cristobal Birbuet Resumen: En este documento de trabajo se presenta el cálculo del Índice de Progreso Social (IPS) para los 9 Departamentos de Bolivia en el período 2012–2016. Los indicadores fueron construidos con base en información secundaria de fuentes oficiales. Los resultados …

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Understanding Productivity Levels, Dispersion and Growth in the Leather Shoe Industry: Effects of Size and Informality

ABSTRACT: In this case study performed on the industrial sub-sector of manufacture of leather shoes in Bolivia, we use the Hsieh and Klenow model (2008) to determine the differences between productivity of larger and formal companies and productivity of smaller and informal companies. Our results reveal that there are not …

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Technological Progress and Productivity in the Quinoa Sector

ABSTRACT: The main objective of this case study is to analyze the effect that a significant technological innovation in quinoa processing has had on the productivity of companies devoted to this activity and the impact of such an innovation on the growth and organization of the quinoa cluster in Bolivia, …

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Misallocation and Manufacturing TFP in the Market Liberalization Period of Bolivia

ABSTRACT: This paper analyzes productivity levels, dispersion and growth in the Bolivian Manufacturing Sector during the Market Liberalization Period: 1988-2001. These years are characterized first, by a period of macroeconomic stabilization and 1st Generation Reforms (1988-1993), second, by a period of privatization and 2nd Generation Reforms (1994-1997) and third, by …

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